Public Media Manager - A CMS for Broadcasters

A brief explanation of PMM (SourceForge: pmm-cms)

Public Media Manager is a PHP/MySQL based CMS intended for use by public broadcasters.

Specifically, PMM is being designed for use by public radio stations in need of a CMS for their online news department, online and on-air calendars, online galleries, portals, playlists, etc.

Development of PMM is currently being coordinated between North Country Public Radio and Clarkson University for the benefit of public broadcasters around the globe, and in hopes of gaining support from other developers both within and outside the public broadcasting community.

Examples of CMS modules currently in production use:

  1. ComCal - A Community Calendar CMS for broadcasters
  2. NewsCMS - An online news CMS for broadcasters who produce news stories with audio in-house

Documentation of current CMS modules:

  1. ComCal Docs
  2. NewsCMS Docs

SourceForge / Download:

SF Project Space: pmm-cms

Download latest file release from SF